ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2018

21-26 April 2018

SGM Experimentations Srl was been at the top, as all Italian school of tunneling, at the WTC2018 held in Dubai from 21 to 26 April. The research work presented by Vincenzo Perugini, Ph.D. in Geo-resources and Mineralogy, having the subject "Nobilitation of clay waste from tunneling as building material", achieved great consensus from the audience, both in the scientific and industrial comunity. The work, shown by means oral presentation and poster, indicates through the tipic Italian intuitive approach, an inteligent solution of circular economy to the issue of clay tunnelling waste. The research obtained the international plaudit, being judged as scientifically accurate, environmentally sustainable, innovative and practical, in other words, an advanced example of "problem solving" not only in Italian scenario.

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