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EXPERIMENTATIONS Laboratory is authorized by the Italian Ministries of Infrastructures and Economic Development to provide testing and certification services on soils according to the Italian art.59 of D.P.R. 380 of 06/06/2001

The actual technical regulations and standards for constructions clearly require that the tests on soils must be carried out and certified by an authorized laboratory.
SGM Soil Testing Laboratory operates since 1994 and has been authorized to issue official certificates, with D.M. n. 54349 del 16.02.2006 and following, by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.
The Laboratory carry out sampling and testing of soils also at quarries, warehouses, plants and construction sites using specific equipped vehicles. When necessary and required, site laboratories are designed, equipped and managed at specific locations, either in Italy and abroad.
To determine the general physical characteristics or the behavior under specific mechanical stress conditions tests are carried out on undisturbed samples.
The major testing activities that can be carried out on soils at our laboratory is shown hereafter:

  • Identification and Classification
  • Laboratory Compaction and Strength
  • Chemical tests
  • Geomechanical characterization
  • Permeability tests
  • On site Compaction and Strength