Structural diagnosis
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It is a fact that worldwide design standards and codes are evolving and becoming more stringent either in the design of new constructions as well as in the analysis and assessment of existing structures, specifically leading engineers to increase the level of knowledge of the structures in need of repair. For this reason, it becomes fundamental to apply advanced and non-invasive procedures and technologies to properly assess existing structures and reach the required level of knowledge, either for the design and analysis phase.

Accordingly, EXPERIMENTATIONS, with highly qualified personnel and up-to-date equipment, is capable of supporting its clients by providing specialized services in the field of site testing and structural assessment.

RC Structures

Structural diagnosis assumes a fundamental importance in the evaluation of reinforced concrete structures either for the analysis and modeling of deteriorated structures as for quality control purposes in new constructions [...]


Masonry structures

Masonry structures represent the majority of the Italian patrimony built before the 60s and the totality of the architectural-historical heritage. For this reason, the structural diagnosis in this sector assumes a crucial importance [...]


Steel structures

Steel structures date back to the end of the 19th century and generally face problems due to the quality and degradation of materials and connections, where the chemical composition and mechanical properties of steel have changed over the years [...]


Timber structures

Timber structures are generally parts of structural elements, such as slabs and roof trusses, of very old constructions. The timber material is particularly prone to attack by biotic agents and abiotic agents [...]