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Company Profile

EXPERIMENTATIONS s.r.l. operates since 1985 as a leading company in the field of innovative services for experimental engineering, providing laboratory and site testing of construction materials and soils, inspections and surveys, structural assessment and diagnosis, long-term monitoring and control of structures and infrastructures.

EXPERIMENTATIONS S.r.l. is an Independent Laboratory authorized by:

  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructures
  • Italian Ministry of Economic Development

EXPERIMENTATIONS S.r.l. is authorized laboratory according to the Italian art.59 of D.P.R. 380/2001 in the following sectors:

  • Construction Materials - (Law n. 1081/76) with Decree n.38194 (14/01/1994) and followings;
  • Soils - with Decree n. 54349 (16/02/2006) and followings.

EXPERIMENTATIONS is also Inspection, Testing and Certification Body for the construction products and assemblies industry - (European Notification N. 1676) according to the law 156/2003 and D.P.R. n. 246 (21/04/1993).
EXPERIMENTATIONS S.r.l. is therefore capable of providing an advanced experimental support for the quality control during construction, testing of new structures and infrastructures, structural analysis and diagnosis of existing buildings and for a proper design of any type of structural retrofit and/or seismic upgrade interventions.
The company structure adheres to the modern corporate organizations based on a business process management and comprises the following divisions: Management, Administration, Commercial, Technical, Laboratories, Site Testing, Research & Development, Quality. The company operates since 1998 with a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Mission and values

The "safety" through the knowledge of the structural behavior and material properties represents the primary goal of any testing activity in the construction field. EXPERIMENTATIONS provides high reliability of results obtained through the use of innovative testing equipment and methodologies, with its staff of highly skilled technicians and engineers. For the design and scheduling of testing activities as well as for the processing and analysis of the collected data, a dedicated department, specialized in mathematical models, provides verification of compatibility between theoretical assumptions and actual behavior of the tested elements.