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The company SGM srl was founded in 1985 by the engineers Emo Agneloni and Alberto Bufali with the idea to create and offer a new Experimental Engineering service in the field of civil construction. The main idea behind the initiative of the founders was to provide an innovative tool to meet the growing need of knowledge, control and analysis of existing buildings or any type of structure, from the assessment of the single structural element to the characterization of the entire structure. This activity consisted in the collection of data and structural parameters, now proven and documented, made available to technicians for design and/or control purposes with resulting benefits in terms of quality and time/cost effectiveness. The benefit that this new service could represent for the professionals involved in civil works, from preliminary design to the delivery, came clear since the beginning.

SGM conducted the first experimental campaigns on site contributing, among the firsts, to the development of advanced but uncommon testing methodologies as non-destructive testing of concrete, steel, masonry and timber, structural monitoring and control over time of physical/structural parameters and the load tests of structural elements with hydraulic jacks and deformation measurements through electronic transducers.

In 1990, SGM srl opens the Laboratory Division obtaining, over the years, various certifications and recognitions by Public Authorities and Private Organizations of primary importance. Since the beginning, the laboratories were managed to operate under the highest quality procedures obtaining, in 1998, the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification.

In this spirit of constant development, additional experimental departments, highly qualified, were gradually opened in strategic points of the Italian territory as well as overseas, where, in collaboration with prestigious universities and private entities, new solutions in the field of structural diagnostics in the civil sector are identified and developed. Particularly, since 2000’s the Company permanently approached to new developing markets, as United Arab Emirates, signing partnerships with local leading companies.

Up to date, SGM srl has completed more than 5000 site experimental campaigns throughout Italy and in several foreign countries. For over 25 years, therefore, SGM srl represents a landmark in the field of site quality control and laboratory testing of materials and soils, diagnostics and full scale testing of structures and infrastructure and in the research and development of technological solutions in the field of protection, enhancement, maintenance and control of the architectural and infrastructural heritage.