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EXPERIMENTATIONS, thanks to its qualified team of engineers and technicians, provides to its clients a wide range of specialized testing and engineering field services for large infrastructures projects as highways, tunnels, railways, bridges.

EXPERIMENTATIONS Experimental Engineering, thanks to the experience gained by its technicians over the years in the field of site testing, offers a variety of engineering services for large infrastructural projects and specifically it is specialized in the quick arrangement of temporary laboratories on every kind of construction site, everywhere located. The company is also equipped with a large fleet of mobile laboratories installed on vehicles of various sizes with fixed and variable configuration, always available for quick field interventions.

At same time, the Laboratory provides to contractors and producers of raw materials technical support, by means of studies and experimental tests, to research and develop innovative products and solutions for the installation, at competitive costs, of road pavements according to the UNI EN 13108 and complying to the performances required by international technical specifications.

EXPERIMENTATIONS is therefore capable of performing all testing activities related to the construction of large infrastructures and specifically:

  • Field and laboratory testing of construction materials (cement, concrete, chemicals, mortar, steel, etc.)
  • Road pavement testing (aggregates, bitumen, conglomerates, load test, etc.)
  • Product testing and certification (geotextiles, water proofing membranes, drainage channels, etc.)
  • Embankment quality supervision and testing
  • Soil investigation
  • Load testing and structural validation of bridges and viaducts
  • Structural and topographic monitoring of large infrastructures