EXPERIMENTATIONS is Testing, Certification and Inspection Body for the CE marking of construction materials, with decrees issued by Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation, according to the European Standard n. 89/106/CEE

In 2006 EXPERIMENTATIONS obtained the authorization by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures to issue certifications stating initial testing and production control activities with related supervision, evaluation and approval of some group of construction materials.

This recognition allowed EXPERIMENTATIONS to be listed into the NANDO database (New Approach Notified and Designated Organizations) with ID number 1676 (http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/newapproach/nando/). Accordingly, the certificates issued by EXPERIMENTATIONS, based on the actual regulations, allow the manufacturer to report the CE marking on the successfully tested products and allow their free circulation within the European Community and not only.

The CE marking proves that the tested product complies with all the EU standards which regulate its use and entire cycle of life starting from its entry into the market.

The list of products that EXPERIMENTATIONS is authorized to test and certify as a Notified Body, with related reference standards, is shown hereafter:

  • Doors and windows (UNI EN 14351-1)
  • Curtain walling (UNI EN 13830)
  • Industrial, commercial and garage Doors and Gates (UNI EN 13241-1)
  • Ceilings (UNI EN 13964)
  • Drainage channels (UNI EN 1433)
  • Aggregates for concrete (UNI EN 12620)
  • Aggregates for mortar (UNI EN 13139)
  • Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and superficial treatments for roads, airports and other areas subjected to heavy traffic (UNI EN 13043)
  • Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction (UNI EN 13242)
  • Aggregates for railway embankments (UNI EN 13450)
  • Aggregates for protection works - armourstone (UNI EN 13383-1)
  • Light aggregates for concrete, mortar and injection mortar (UNI EN 13055-1)
  • Light Aggregates for bituminous mixtures, superficial treatments and applications on bound and unbound layers